Celtic Tunes for Campanella Ukulele

Jonathan Lewis
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Get 57 Celtic tunes arranged for campanella ukulele here


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A collection of 44 tunes (16 jigs, 11 reels, 7 hornpipes, 2 polkas and 8 pieces by O'Carolan) arranged for ukulele in the campanella fingerpicking style.

You will receive a zip file - As well as one PDF with all of the tunes, there is also a file for each tune with 2 PDFs, one with standard notation and tablature, the other with just tablature. You also get an MP3 of the tune being played slowly.

Easy to Intermediate level.

Each tune has a video on YouTube - the links to them are in the notes.

List of tunes:


1. Banish Misfortune

2. The Blarney Pilgrim

3. Brian O’Lynn

4. Dingle Regatta

5. The Exile's Jig

6. The Frieze Breeches

7. The Hag with the Money

8. The Humours of Glendart

9. The Irish Washerwoman

10. The Kesh

11. The Monaghan Jig

12. Morrison’s Jig

13. The Mug of Brown Ale

14. Saddle the pony

15. Tripping up the Stairs

16. The Walls of Liscaroll


17. Cooley’s Reel

18. Drowsy Maggie

19. Jackie Coleman's Reel

20. Jenny’s Chickens

21. The Maid Behind the Bar

22. Saint Anne’s Reel

23. The Ships are Sailing

24. The Silver Spear

25. Sweeney's Buttermilk

26. The Tarbolton

27. The Wind that Shakes the Barley


28. The Belfast Hornpipe

29. Chief O'Neill's Favourite

30. The Factory Smoke

31. The Heather Glen

32. The Rights of Man

33. Roxburgh Castle

34. The Silk Handkerchief


35. Dennis Murphy's

36. John Ryan's

Pieces by O'Carolan

37.Captain O'Kane

38. Carolan's Welcome 

39. Loftus Jones

40. Planxty Hewlett

41. Lord Inchiquin

42. Planxty Irwin

43. Planxty Burke

44. Carolan's Concerto

What some have said about my arrangements (on YouTube)

Fabulous work as always Jon, absolutely wonderful.

– Camsuke, on Monaghan Jig

Wow!!! Very impressive execution of campanella technique and a stellar arrangement of this tune.. Uke on, Jon!

– Kevin Caroll, the “edukecator” on Banish Misfortune

Dude this is SO GOOD!

– Tim Keough, “ukuleletim” on Banish Misfortune

Just bought the book. Really excited to learn this genre. Thanks for sharing!!

– Preimaester 

Awesome sauce. This is going down on my must-learn-fantasy-ukulele-bucket-list.

– James Pawson on the Mug of Brown Ale


– Al Wood, ukulelehunt.com on The Mug of Brown Ale

Really lovely arrangement and so well played.

– Ken Middleton on Morrison’s Jig

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You'll get: 1 ZIP file containing: 1 PDF ebook of all the tunes in tablature and standard notation plus individual PDFs of each tune in tablature only, an MP3 file of each tune played slowly for learning.


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Celtic Tunes for Campanella Ukulele

19 ratings