Classic Folk Songs for Fingerstyle Ukulele

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All the tabs for the Celtic tunes, folk songs, Morris and country dances, American old time and banjo music are now available to patrons. Your support would be greatly appreciated!

16 of the finest folk songs arranged for ukulele by Jonathan Lewis, ranging from easy to intermediate level.

In the zip you will receive a PDF of all the tunes and lyrics plus in individual file for each song included separate tab and lyrics sheet, a slow MP3 for learning and the Guitar Pro 6 file I use for the arrangements if you have the software.

Here is the playlist of all the songs:

1. The Black Velvet Band

2. Bonnie Dundee

3. Lord Franklin

4. The Lowlands of Holland

5. Matty Groves

6. The Raggle Taggle Gypsies

7. A Red Red Rose

8. Reynardine

9. Rosemary Lane

10. Scarborough Fair: two versions, difficult and easy

11. Searching for Lambs

12. She Moved Through the Fair

13. The Snows they Melt the Soonest

14. Sweet Carnlough Bay

15. When the Boat Comes in

16. Willie O'Winsbury

What some have said about these songs on YouTube and Facebook:

"This is beautiful, Jon, a thoughtful and expressive performance of a

lovely arrangement. I'm really looking forward to your next collection

of these gems"

- Todd Fiegel

"It's only very recently that i realised the uke was so versatile. You played this song beautifully, very expressive."

- Soozy

"Pure joy to listen to. Thanks for sharing."

- Senpatientulo4

"I've been looking for a suitable uke version of the song! This is by far the best one!"

- Alyssa D

"Beautiful arrangement and playing Jonathan. Love it !"

- ScoutAndMcKenna

"That was freakin' awesome! Gotta learn it! Great arrangement."

- Buzz

"You are a tremendous player and arranger, Jon!"

-Tim Keough

"brilliant arrangement"

- Dave Ellis,

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Classic Folk Songs for Fingerstyle Ukulele

3 ratings