Banjo Tunes and Old Time arranged for Campanella Ukulele

Jonathan Lewis
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All the tabs for the Celtic tunes, folk songs, Morris and country dances, American old time and banjo music are now available to patrons. Your support would be greatly appreciated!

Thirteen minstrel banjo tunes and four classic old time tunes.

The banjo tunes are adapted from popular 19th Century banjo instruction books (Briggs and Converse). These tunes are full of fun and work very well arranged for campanella picking.

You can watch all the tunes here:

You'll receive 2 Zip files containing a PDF with Standard notation and tablature for each tune and a slow MP3 for learning purposes.

The Tunes:

Minstrel Banjo

  • Alabama Joe

  • Brigg's Cornshucking Jig

  • Brigg's Reel

  • Bully for You

  • Butler's Jig

  • Camptown Hornpipe

  • Carry me back to Old Virginny

  • Genuine Negro Jig (Snowden's Jig)

  • Hard Times

  • Old Joe

  • Rattlesnake Jig

  • Rumsey's Jig

  • Walk into da Parlour

Classic Old Time

  • Arkansas Traveler

  • Devil in a Haystack

  • Grubb Springs

  • Soldier's Joy

"So beautiful!" - UkeManiaK

"This is terrific, Jon!" - Todd Fiegel

"Man, I’m loving this series you’re doing on classical banjo repertoire" - João Gabriel Carvalho

"wonderful" - Gordon Ross

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Banjo Tunes and Old Time arranged for Campanella Ukulele

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